Welcome to National Valve, Pipes, Pipe Fittings and Engineering We Supply: All kinds of  Pipes Pipe Fittings Gaskets Fittings Screwed- and Wels on in different materials Boiler Spares Types of Valves: Ball Gate (Screwed and Flanged) Non-return Swing Check Butterfly (Lever and gear operated) Safety Relief Reducing
We supply the following and deliver/courier Nationally:  All kinds of Piping and Pipe Fittings, positioners, actuators, switchboxes, feedback valves, Gasketing,  butterfly valves, audco butterfly valves, audco plug valves, ball valves, mccanna, metal  seated, 4-20 positioners,  Butterfly valves,  ptfe lined valves, richter, process valve, lined valves, gestra, steam traps, boiler control, boiler spares, pmv, Check valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Pressure reducing valves, Relief valves,  Sight glasses,  durco hf valves, control valves, norbro actuators, automax, automax actuators, Foot valves,  cast iron plug valves, plug valves,  cast steel gate valves, cast steel globe valves, cast steel check valves, globe valves, gate valves,  Needle valves,  butterfly control valves, valtek, kammer, ball control valves, water control valves, Steam traps, Strainers, Boiler spares, Water meters, scotch yoke actuators, smart positioners, intelligent positioners, pipe fittings, feedback units Lagging, valve actuators, flanged ball valves,steel ball valves,  stainless valves, high performance valves, Hose & hose clamps, control valves, on off control, worcester valves, gaskets, inbal on-off valves, shearstream, valdisk, knife gate valves, Quick couplers, Pipe supports,  full  bore ball valves, cast iron valves, check valves, reducing valves, relief valves, gate valves, pipe fittings, safety valves and Durco valves.
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National Valves and Piping Pretoria. We are National Suppliers of all kinds of valves, piping, pipe fittings and gaskets. Call us for professional service and delivery.
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